Post Grad. Dip. Sex & Relationship Therapy,
 Dip H.E. Counselling,



34 Dover Road, Sheffield S11 8RH 
Tel: 07957 536248

Problems We Can Address:
There is very wide range of difficulties that we can work on together. Some of the more common ones which over 300 people have successfully addressed with me include:



stress compulsive behaviour (OCD)
Bereavement, loss of relationship (including divorce) phobias
loss of status (including unemployment) bullying
abusive / violent relationships trauma (including childhood abuse)
eating disorders problems with self-esteem or confidence
anger and violence sexual problems

My main work now is in private practice, where I see clients by private arrangement, with a standard fee of 40 per session (50 couples).

Most people come to see me during normal working hours but If you work during the week, appointments are available early morning (from 7.00 am), and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

To find out more, contact me on 07957 536248 or email on 

What you can expect:
Therapy involves you talking about what is making you uneasy or unhappy.

You will not be asked intrusive questions, or pressed to talk about anything you do not wish to. However, you need to be aware that I am not the "nodding dog" kind of counsellor, and if you need to be challenged or encouraged in particular areas you raise, that will happen.

My clients have found that talking about their issues in therapy brought greater clarity about what is going on, and allowed them to get on with life more fully. Understanding better why we behave as we do usually gives us more control and choice about how we want to behave in the future.

There is no simple rule about how many sessions you will need. In some cases, people find that between 3 and 6 sessions is right for them. Others want much longer.

In your first session we will explore what issues you want help with, and we will agree how we are going to work together.

Whatever is said in your therapy session remains strictly confidential. No one has any right to ask me about what is discussed. (The only exception to this rule of complete confidentiality is that, if I thought there was a serious risk of harm to yourself or someone else, I would need to discuss that with you and possibly report that to your GP. In literally thousands of hours of work, I have never encountered the need to do that.)

Like all good therapists, I receive regular supervision for my work. During that supervision, I refer to clients anonymously, so your confidentiality is secure.

About myself:
I've lived most of my adult life in Sheffield, working mainly in education management before training in counselling and psychotherapy. More recently, I qualified as sex and relationship therapist.

My approach is Integrative. That means that within a Person-Centred framework, I draw on analytic and psychodynamic traditions, together with CBT and systemic approaches.  My work is informed by modern research, including advances in neuroscience.

In effect, this means that I tailor the methods to your individual needs and preferences.

As well as my main qualifications (see above) I have trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and various specific mental health issues including eating disorders, anger management, depression, bereavement, psychosis and paranoia, surviving childhood sexual abuse.

I have worked extensively with NHS patients at four different GP surgeries, and at a sex and relationship clinic in Sheffield.

Other experience includes serving on a voluntary basis as an Accredited Counsellor and as a Supervisor of other counsellors with Cruse Bereavement Care.

I also provide supervision to other counsellors.

For two years, I broadcast regularly on local radio about mental health issues.

To find out more, contact me on 07957 536248 or email on